“Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands”

2 Timothy 1:6

The power of God came into your life the day you received the Holy Spirit: “But ye shall receive power; after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you…” (Acts 1:8). However, this doesn’t mean that this power is active all the time; you’ve got to activate it. That’s why Paul told Timothy to stir up the gift of God in him. He was referring to the power of the Holy Spirit, which can be dormant in your spirit unless you activate it.

Sad to say that some folks have allowed that power lie dormant in them for so long. So, often times, you find them praying to God for what already belongs to them. The Lord, through His Word, shows us that we’re responsible for activating His power in us. Paul didn’t say to Timothy, “Pray to God to stir up the gift in you.” Stirring up the gift is not God’s responsibility; it’s yours. God has already put the power in you. So go ahead and activate it.


When you pray in tongues, you stir up and activate the power, the abilities of God that is resident in your spirit. Suddenly, that power that was quietly nestling in your spirit is activated and causes a change: you’re infused with divine strength and the glory of God is revealed through you. Some people engage in prayers only when they’re in some form of trouble or predicament, but that’s not the way it ought to be. You ought to get your spirit charged at all times by spending time in fellowship with the Lord through prayer. God wants you fired up by the anointing ever before you hit the streets, so that when you come out, you’re already dressed with the power of the Holy Ghost drenched in the unction.

The Bible tells us how a deadly viper fastened itself on Paul’s hand one time and all he did was shake the venomous beast into the fire and continued doing his thing (Acts 28:4-5). He was already full of the anointing before the incident, so there was no need to fret or panic. Paul shares the secret of how he was able to do this and many other supernatural feats when he said in 1 Corinthians 14:18, “I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all.” The way to stir up the power of God in you is by speaking in other tongues! It’s no use praying to God to send more power down from heaven. The anointing is already in you, but you have to activate it and put it to work. You can turn the power on whenever you choose, wherever you are – by speaking fervently in other tongues. So, stir up that power right now by speaking in other tongues.

If you make this a consistent practice, nothing and no one will ever be able to successfully withstand or defeat you, for the anointing makes you invincible. No matter what kind of situation it is, you’ll know it’s a done deal because you’re already filled with the powerful unction of the Holy Ghost. Speaking in tongues is one sure way to get your spirit charged at all times and stir up the anointing in you. Consciously practise this every day; stir up the anointing in your closet and when you step out, the challenges you’ll face will be bread for you.


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