For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries (1 Corinthians 14:2).

There’re things that’ll not happen for you in your life and in this world until you learn to use the coded words. Paul called them hidden wisdom, spiritual mysteries and secrets (1 Corinthians 2:7). For example, as you start out praying in the spirit, you’ll get to a point where you begin to conjure or summon things from the spirit realm into the natural. Life is spiritual and we win by the Spirit.

Through the Holy Spirit, you can know the right words to use in prayer. Those words are spiritual codes. He may have you repeat a word or make a sound repeatedly; that’s because He knows the details of the “code.”

The Holy Spirit knows the number of times you may need to repeat those words for them to form the right code. In prayer, you might be speaking some words or making some sounds that may require twenty-five of those sounds for the code to be complete or connected. But if you stop at the twenty-fourth sound, it won’t work, because the code will be incomplete.

It’s like trying to get into a passworded system or account; you never get in with the wrong codes even if it’s just one letter or sign that you missed. So, in praying and making conjurations in the Spirit, continue until the Spirit moves to the next level. Remember, He’s the One that gives you the utterance.

There’re issues people go through in life and even though they might have been speaking in tongues, there seem to be no results. It’s because there’s a code in the realm of the spirit that’s still missing. Use the codes and you’ll have the baby you’ve desired for so long. Use the codes and the money will come; you’ll have the new venue for your church or business.

That house you’ve so desired is in that coded language; use the right codes and you’ll have it. The answer to that problem is “coded” but the Holy Spirit knows the code. Pray in tongues until you get the complete codes from the Holy Spirit and release them.



  1. Thank you for this atitle, i am struggling with the praying in tounges. mainly because of fear that maybe they jibberish may not be the one from God. how do i know.

    1. Look for Pastor’s book, Speaking in tongues and teachings on Pastor Chris Digital Library, you will have the full knowledge concerning those.

  2. Thank you so much pastor sir and I pray that the holy spirit will unveil the code I need for my finance

  3. Thank you pastor sir I pray that the holy Spirit give me utterance to use the right code for my prosperity and marital open doors Amen,

  4. greeting in Jesus Name I speak in tongues but i want to know more about the codes its my first time am healing this am learning am humbled over codes teach me more amen and i also want to know more and more about this code so that i get a proper answer from the Maker the creator of heaven and earth.

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